System Paths

    In order to use Docusnap in a multi-user environment, settings can be stored centrally so that they are accessible to each user. These so-called team settings will then be loaded from the path defined in the Team Settings field. To obtain consistent results, the same team settings path is used for the Docusnap client and Docusnap Server. If the path is changed in the options dialog, it will be changed for the Docusnap Server and vice versa, when both are connected to the same database. If no path was selected for the Team Settings or if that path no longer exists, the path specified for the Local Settings will be used.

    When you create Docusnap extensions (e.g. contracts, passwords, etc.), you can add attachments. Attachments are stored in the Docusnap database. If you need to edit an attachment, if first needs to be loaded from the database and then stored temporarily in a local directory. In the Check-out Path field, you can specify the path to be used for this purpose.