Update Options

    If the Check for Updates on Startup checkbox is enabled, Docusnap checks for new updates each time you start the program. To avoid the update check upon startup, clear the Check for Updates on Startup checkbox. The Update feature can also be started during program operation by clicking the Docusnap-Title-Bar-Help und Update button in the title bar.

    In the Timeout field, you can specify (in seconds) how long the update routine will try to connect to the update server before a timeout occurs.

    For the update to be successful, the endpoint https://update13.docusnap.com must be reachable.

    Proxy Server

    By default, the proxy server set in the Internet Options of your machine will be used. If a different proxy server should be used for the update process, specify the details for this server in the Proxy Server group.

    Server API Connection

    The Server API connection is necessary for scheduling and processing jobs for Docusnap Server and Discovery Service. The URL must match the Docusnap Server setting in the Server API step.