In Docusnap the following elements are summarized under the physical infrastructure:

    • Sites (cities, buildings, floors, rooms)
    • Racks, Patch Panels and Network Sockets
    • Cabling

    Infrastructure – Editor

    The Infrastructure Editor provides the interface to create and manage the elements belonging to the physical infrastructure.


    Sites are used in Docusnap to represent the structure of a company. At least one site is required to map the physical infrastructure.


    Racks can be used to document the physical structure of a rack in Docusnap.

    Site Elements

    Site elements in Docusnap are all elements that can be assigned to a site, e.g. network sockets, air conditioners, etc.

    Rack Elements

    A rack element is built into a rack. Examples of a rack element are servers, switches or patch panels.


    A shape is the image of a physical element (e.g. server, switch, network socket) and serves to graphically represent the element in the rack. The detected plugs are also used to document the cabling.

    Shape Editor

    Integrated editor in Docusnap, with whose help the existing shape collection can be extended by own shapes.