NTFS Filter

    When performing a permission analysis, Docusnap scans the permissions users and groups on existing directories.

    Use the Manage NTFS Filter dialog to define which directories should be included or excluded from the analysis.

    It is possible to specify directories that should be inventoried, to exclude directories that are not needed in the permission analysis, or to define a combination of included and excluded directories.

    The specification to include directories is only used when permissions for certain directories are of interest, for example who has access to directories which contain client data or project information.

    Definitions to exclude directories are used to exclude big folder structures like Windows or Program Files.

    The conditions can be grouped and linked with either AND or OR.

    Click the button Docusnap-License-Management-Filter-New-Row to add another row. Click the button Docusnap-License-Management-Filter-Delete-Row to delete the current row.


    In the column Operator you can choose between Contains or Not Contains. Wildcards can be used to specify the selection in greater detail.

    • Contains: The specified condition must match the directory.
    • Not Contains: The specified condition must not match the directory.


    Once several directories are specified, select in the And/Or column whether the conditions should be linked with And or Or. If the terms are linked with And, then all conditions have to apply to the directory. If the conditions are linked with Or, only one of the terms has to match the directory.


    Use grouping to nest the conditions as needed. For example two terms can be linked with Or and then be extended with And to include another condition. Click the checkbox to select the conditions, then click the Docusnap-License-Management-Filter-Group button to group the selected entries to one condition. Only conditions listed one below the other can be grouped. The button Docusnap-License-Management-Filter-Grouped marks the start of the group. Click the Docusnap-License-Management-Filter-Grouped button to revoke the grouping. It is possible to organize the grouping in several levels. Select more than one group and click on the Docusnap-License-Management-Filter-Group button to group them into one condition.

    Click Save to apply the settings.