IT Security

    With the IT Security feature, you can determine and analyze the effective permissions for users and groups. For this purpose, comprehensive reports are available that illustrate the current permissions situation from the user or group perspective or for a certain resource (e.g. a directory).

    Using filters, you can display a quick and interactive analysis of the desired situations.

    Docusnap can, for example, answer the following questions:

    • Which items can be accessed by employee X?
    • Who has access to the HR directory?
    • What combination of permissions (NTFS, shares) has been granted to a certain user?

    You can perform a permission analysis for all Windows systems or for systems that support the SMB or CIFS protocol (e.g. Samba and NetApp Filer).

    It is also possible to scan and analyze the permissions to SharePoint servers. SharePoint server permissions are determined while Docusnap performs a SharePoint inventory scan.

    Docusnap also enables you to scan and analyze the permissions to Exchange mailboxes, mailbox folders, and public folders.

    The IT Security is a separate Docusnap module that you can access by clicking the IT Security button in the Navigation pane.

    In the IT Security explorer, a hierarchically structured tree will be displayed that has been optimized for the needs of this module.


    In this chapter the structural organization is explained.


    Before permissions can be analyzed, it is mandatory to perform an inventory scan of the NTFS directory structures. This section explains the inventory wizard for NTFS directories. SharePoint permissions are inventoried during a SharePoint scan, Exchange permissions are read in together with the Exchange inventory scan.


    For the analysis of permissions, three functions are available.

    The IT Security tab shows the current situation based on the permissions to a directory, SharePoint or Exchange mailbox or public folders.

    Analysis diagrams illustrate which criteria were used to assign an effective permission to the selected user or group.

    Reports show the effective permissions a specific user has to a directory or user.