IT Correlation

    IT Correlations are used to visualize and evaluate IT relationships between IT objects and can be accessed by using the drill-down function.

    The correlations between the IT objects are defined in Docusnap Management. To identify the connection between two objects, the IT Correlation is defined between selected values ​​of these objects. Then the possible IT Correlations are displayed, if matching objects are found for the definition.

    The IT Correlations are displayed in Docusnap in the Analysis tab if, for the selected object, a correlation is found. From this object, the user can start the evaluation of any or all IT Correlations.

    For example, a correlation between the inventory workstations and virtual machines in the VMware, or between the Active Directory users and mailboxes on the Exchange server, are defined. Several definitions of IT Correlations are already included in Docusnap.