Veeam B&R

    Docusnap offers one module for inventorying Veeam Backup & Replication installations:

    • Discovery-VeeamBR.exe (from version 11)

    The Discovery-VeeamBR.exe module can be executed either by double-clicking or via the command line of the Veeam B&R server. Once the inventory is completed, a DSI file containing all the information will be created in the folder where the Discovery-VeeamBR.exe is located.


    The scope of the backup history can be configured via the module-specific option.

    Veeam Backup & Replication specific Options:
         -MaxHistoryInDays <count>
               Description: Determines the number of days of backup history to retrieve. If not specified,           
               42 days of history are retrieved. The maximum value allowed is 999 days.
         Example: C:\Discovery-VeeamBR.exe -MaxHistoryInDays 60

    Subsequently, this file can be imported into Docusnap through the File Import wizard.