Docusnap offers three modules for inventorying Microsoft SharePoint:

    • Discovery-SharePoint.exe (for SharePoint from version 2013)
    • Discovery-SharePoint-2010.exe (for SharePoint version 2010)
    • Discovery-SharePoint-2007.exe (for SharePoint version 2007)

    The Discovery-SharePoint.exe module can be executed either by double-clicking or via the command line of the SharePoint server. Once the inventory is completed, a DSI file containing all the information will be created in the folder where the Discovery-SharePoint.exe is located.


    Optionally, SharePoint-specific options determine which information should be included. A detailed description, including examples, is available in the console help.

    SharePoint specific Options: 
         -jh <count>
               Description: Retrieves the specified number of most recent SharePoint Job History entries.            
               If not defined, the last 10 entries are included. 
         Example: C:\Discovery-SharePoint.exe -jh 5
         -UrlIncludeList <URL,URL>
               Description: Retrieves only the Site Collections specified in the list. If undefined,                
               retrieves all Site Collections. 
         Example: C:\Discovery-SharePoint.exe-UrlIncludeList http://SP01/sites/SA,http://SP01/sites/SB
         -UrlExcludeList <URL,URL>
               Description: Excludes the specified Site Collections from the inventory. If undefined, no            
               Site Collections are excluded. 
         Example: c:\Discovery-SharePoint.exe -UrlExcludeList http://SP1/sites/SA,http://SP01/sites/SB

    Subsequently, this file can be imported into Docusnap through the File Import wizard.