Optional: Additional Tools

    As already described in the Basics - Wizards section, Docusnap wizards can be extended as needed. The Additional Tools step can be enabled from General page of the Options - Inventory dialog.

    The Additional Tools step is available for the following wizards:

    • Network Scan
    • Windows (AD)
    • Windows (IP)

    Docusnap Network Inventory Additional Tools Graph

    The Additional tools feature can be used during the inventory process in order to scan for additional information about a Windows system. For example, the SystemInfo.exe application provides access to the operating system configuration for a local or remote computer. During the scanning process, Docusnap will start the selected utility and will add the results into the Docusnap database.

    Docusnap Inventory Additional Tools

    All of the registered programs will be listed during the Additional Tools step. Checking or unchecking the checkbox will determine which products should be executed in the course of the automated scan process.

    Before an additional tool can be used, it must be defined. This can be done from the Additional Tools page in the Docusnap Management.


    After the inventory, the result of the executed additional tool is displayed under the heading Additional Tools in the tree for the respective system.