For the automated scanning of Windows systems, a variety of methods can be used in Docusnap. While the core directory service, i.e. the Active Directory Service must be accessible when scanning Windows systems (AD) and offline systems, you can use the IP Segment inventory process to scan an IP range or a single system.

    Docusnap Windows Inventory Graph

    These are the differences:

    Windows (AD)

    When you click either the Network Scan or the Windows (AD) button, Docusnap will search the Active Directory for active computer accounts. The actual inventory process for individual systems will be based on the results of this search.

    Windows (IP)

    Click the Windows (IP) button to scan Windows systems which are not part of the Active Directory, for example, workgroup computers. Based on the specified IP ranges, IP addresses or computer names, Docusnap attempts to identify Windows systems in the network and to inventory them in subsequent steps.

    Offline Systems

    Docusnap will assign the Offline status to systems that were previously unreachable with the Windows Inventory but are in the Active Directory. These systems can be inventoried explicitly in course of another Windows Inventory.