Veeam Legacy

    This module corresponds to the Veeam inventory in Docusnap 12 and thus executes SQL queries on Microsoft Veeam databases. The complete module is located in Veeam Legacy below Application Server. The Veeam Legacy reports at domain level can be found in the Backup Veeam Legacy node. This module will no longer be developed further with Docusnap 13.

    To start the wizard for inventorying Veeam servers, click the Veeam Legacy button. After you have selected a company and a domain (see: Basic Steps) the Veeam step is displayed.

    Docusnap Inventory Veeam

    To inventory the Veeam infrastructure the name of the SQL server where the data of the Veeam server is located, has to be entered in the SQL Server field. By default the name of the database is VeeamBackup. If the database is named differently, then the name has to be entered into the Database field.

    If global credentials should not be used for the inventory, then alternative credentials can be entered. For this purpose, you need to enable the SQL Server Authentication checkbox. This allows you to enter the user and password information.

    Use the field Days Back to specify for how many days the job history should be inventoried.

    After adding the desired systems to the Systems overview, you can use the checkbox next to each database to specify whether it is to be included in the inventory scan or not. The Next button will only be enabled once you have specified a Veeam database. Then, you can continue with the inventory process.