IP Scan

    To start the wizard for inventorying IP Hosts, click the IP Scan button. The IP Scan step will be displayed after you have selected a company and a domain (see: Basic Steps).

    During the IP scan, hosts are registered as IP hosts where a service is available during the inventory or a connection with an open port could be established.

    Advanced IP scan: By selecting the Advanced IP scan check box Docusnap will use heuristic functions to determine additional information such as the operating system.

    Docusnap Inventory IP Scan

    In the Add IP Range section, enter the IP range to be used for the inventory.

    If multiple IP ranges should be included in the inventory, they can also be imported from a CSV file by clicking the Load List button, instead of creating them individually using the buttons New and Save. In the CSV file the values for IP from and IP to must be listed in that order separated by “;”.