Internet Information Service

    To start the wizard for inventorying Internet Information Service (IIS) systems, click the IIS button. After you have selected a company and a domain (see: Basic Steps) the IIS step is displayed.

    Docusnap Inventory IIS

    To inventory the desired IIS servers, click the New button and specify the name of the respective server. You can also enter alternative credentials to those in the Authentication step. After you have saved your entry, Docusnap will check whether this server belongs to the domain you specified. If yes, the server will be added to the list at the top of the window, and the Next button becomes active. If the specified server name is not correct, the button remains grayed out. After the desired systems have been added to the table of IIS servers, you can use the checkbox next to each system to specify whether it is to be included in the inventory scan or not.