Manually Create Systems

    If you wish to include systems that cannot be scanned by the automated inventory process or by the Docusnap Script, you can enter the required information manually. When all necessary data has been entered, the manually created systems are also considered in maps. The manual systems can be integrated into system groups. If software has been created for the system, for which a license was created in the license management, these devices are also considered in the license balance. The data sheets of the documentation can also be created for the manual device.

    Create Systems

    Below the heading Assets - Systems in the Inventory tree all domains are displayed. Below each domain, the heading for Windows Systems, Linux Systems, Mac Systems, SNMP Systems, CIFS, Thin Clients and HP-UX are displayed to create the respective systems. For example, to create a firewall, select the headline SNMP Systems and click the New button.

    Docusnap New SNMP

    Once you have selected the object type to be created, the associated data entry screen will be displayed. After you have entered all required information, click the Save button to save your data. To delete entries that are no longer needed, click the Delete button.

    Docusnap Data Explorer New SNMP

    Docusnap Maps Manual Systems