Optional: Software and File Search

    As already described in the Basics - Wizards section, Docusnap wizards can be extended as needed. The Software and File Search step can be enabled from the General page of the Options - Inventory dialog.

    The Software Search step is available in the following wizards:

    • Network Scan
    • Windows (AD)
    • Windows (IP)
    • Linux
    • macOS

    Docusnao Network Inventory Software Search Graph

    The software and file search in Docusnap is used to search for specific files on the file system of Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. Here, file names are defined, which Docusnap then searches during the inventory on the file system.

    The files found are made available for evaluation in Docusnap in different ways depending on the categorization (file search Linux, Mac and Windows or software search Windows).

    If, for example, an application (.exe) has been saved to the file system from a distribution package without registering with the target system, Docusnap will not be able to find this product during the automated inventory scan. With the Software Search feature, Docusnap accesses the file system directly and attempts to find the defined software product in the course of the inventory scan. If the defined files are found, a corresponding entry is created in the list of installed software products on the system. Thereupon this software can be analyzed also in the range of the license management.

    The file search designates here any files, which you would like to search, for example due to a safety gap (log4j). The files are then also listed with the path in which they were found. For each system the found files are displayed. A new object within the summary and a new predefined Docusnap Connect package provide the possibility for cross-system analysis.

    Before you can use the Software and File Search feature, you need to define the files for the search. They are defined in the Software and File Search dialog (Docusnap Administration).

    All registered definitions will be listed as a result of the Software Search step. By enabling or disabling the checkboxes, you can determine which files Docusnap will be looking for when performing the automated scan.

    Docusnap Inventory Software Search