Two different scan modules are available for Azure Inventory: Azure Service and Azure Service Legacy. Both modules use the same Azure App and collect identical data. The main difference is that the results of the Azure Service inventory are presented in the Cloud Infrastructure section, while the results of the Azure Service Legacy inventory, to ensure compatibility with older Docusnap versions, are stored in the Infrastructure section.

    The Azure Inventory Wizard is opened via the Azure Service or Azure Service - Legacy button. After you have selected a company and a domain (see: Basic Steps) the Azure step is displayed.

    Docusnap Inventory Azure

    With step Azure an Azure App must be selected for the inventory.

    If no Azure App has been created yet or another one is needed, the Manage Azure App dialog can be opened via the Register New App button.

    Via the button Load Subscriptions all existing subscriptions are displayed. They can be deselected if required. It should be noted that the Azure App must be authorized for all selected subscriptions .

    Once a valid Azure App has been selected, the Next button is activated and the inventory can be started.