Add Azure Apps Manually

    Normally, the app is created within the application. However, there are situations where the app is created directly with Azure, for example, when the Docusnap administrator does not have the required “Global Admin” role. In these cases, the external app is configured accordingly to be used for the inventory of cloud products.

    The secret key can be specified in the app authentication area. In addition, a certificate can be assigned to the app, which is also specified here. Although Docusnap currently only requires the certificate for the Exchange Online module, it is possible that future modules will also require a valid certificate.

    A detailed description of the required permissions can be found in the chapter Azure Apps Permissions.

    Clicking the Add Azure App Manually button opens the dialog for entering the Azure App data. The Azure App Name can be chosen arbitrarily and does not have to correspond to the name in Azure. The Directory Name, Directory ID, Application ID and Key must be specified for this Azure App to be used. The certificate and certificate password are only required if an Exchange Online inventory should be executed. Does not apply to the Exchange inventory in the course of the Microsoft 365 inventory.

    Clicking the Add button creates the Azure app in Docusnap. It does not check if this app exists. To be sure, you can test in the Manage Azure App dialog via Verify App whether the app exists and what permissions it has.

    Docusnap Azure App Add Manually