Azure Apps

    Until now, a separate Azure app had to be created for each of these cloud technologies for discovery with Docusnap because each cloud technology has has specific requirements. As a result, creation, use, and troubleshooting could be complex. The available new Azure app development has claims to massively improve usability, security, adaptation and transparency.


    • One app for all, one app is now sufficient for the discovery of all Microsoft cloud technologies supported by Docusnap.
    • Creation of the app in the respective discovery module and in Azure app management has been greatly simplified
    • Existing apps can be easily updated via Azure App Management and are then usable for all cloud technologies
    • Scheduled cloud inventories still work, it is not mandatory to update jobs manually


    • With the use of Microsoft Device Authentication and Azure CLI, security during app creation has been increased
    • The minimum number of API read permissions required for full discovery has been reduced by 75%
    • Without knowing security-critical data of the Azure app used, the Docusnap user can now inventory easily
    • The name of the Azure app is defined by the user when it is created, which facilitates later identification in Azure


    • Task sharing within an organization, app creation can optionally be done outside of Docusnap and then added to the application
    • Unwanted Azure app permissions can be removed in Azure (with restrictions in the discovery result)


    • The new connection test already checks for valid keys, anonymization settings and missing API read permissions before execution
    • The app check in the management interface provides detailed information about functionality, validities and the set API permissions