AWS Inventory

    The Amazon Web Services inventory can be started via two different wizards, AWS and AWS - Legacy. The inventory result of the AWS inventory is stored in the Cloud Infrastructure area below a tenant domain. To remain compatible with older Docusnap versions, the AWS - Legacy inventory can still display the newly inventoried data in the Infrastructure area.

    The Amazon Web Services Inventory Wizard opens from the AWS or AWS - Legacy button. After you have selected a company and a domain (see: Basic Steps) the Amazon Web Services step is displayed.

    The user created in advance is now used in combination with the created keys to perform the inventory in Docusnap.

    Any name can be assigned as the Display Name. The values for Access Key ID and Secret Access Key are the keys previously defined for the user. The region is the region in which the desired data and the user are located.

    Docusnap Inventory AWS