The Scheduling step is available in all wizards. To schedule the execution the tasks of the wizard at a later point of time, check the checkbox Schedule Inventory, Documentation etc.


    Scheduling is an essential component of Docusnap and allows you to fully automate the inventory and documentation procedures. Before the Docusnap Server can process jobs, the desired settings must be configured and saved for the job.


    Assign a unique name to the job in the Name field so that it can be identified by its name in the scheduling dialogs. The field to the right can be used to summarize the selected configuration.

    If the Docusnap Server and Discovery Service are in different time zones, the Time Zone Display can be enabled. During scheduling, you can define whether the specified time is from the time zone of the server or the discovery service, or whether it is the UTC time. The display can also be adapted for the data explorer.