Search Parameters

    Single Value

    A search for DOSPSA03 returns all objects whose index contains this value. Examples are the system name of an object or the description text of an indexed object.



    In the Docusnap Enterprise search, the symbol * can be used as a wildcard.

    DOSPWS*4 returns all objects that begin with DOSPWS and end with the digit four. Independent of the characters in between.

    • DOSPWS14
    • DOSPWS004
    • DOSPWS04

    Sequence of words and special characters

    If you are searching for objects that contain spaces or special characters such as *, the search word must be placed in quotes. This also makes it possible to search for whole sentences or partial sentences in descriptions.


    Object Filter

    With the object filter it is possible to search for several entries of a same object. A search with the object filter is marked with a colon. You can get an overview of the available object filter via the drop-down menu of the search.

    Workstations: - Output of all workstations

    Workstations: *NB* - Output of all workstations with the substring NB