Limitations of the Docusnap Enterprise search

    • Both the Docusnap Enterprise and Standard search cannot be used in Docusnap Web.
    • The Docusnap Enterprise search is limited to the current inventory. Older inventories are not included.
    • Attachments of additional information cannot be searched
    • Which values are included in the index for additional information is predefined, and user defined columns cannot be added.
    • It is not possible to index objects and fields from license management or documentation.
    • Passwords are not available in the index. It is possible to search for system names, usernames, etc.
    • There is no fallback to the standard search if the Docusnap Enterprise search does not find any results.
    • When indexing Other Assets, it is not possible to add individual fields to the index due to the flexible structure.
    • Prerequisites/restrictions for a successful search in customizing
      • Foreign key must exist, otherwise no resolution from object to parent is possible.
      • The value of the primary key of the table/view must be unique.
    • If the full text search is installed on the SQL server and a part of an IP address or a MAC address is searched for, the wildcard * must be used for the missing characters. If the * is not used, the search will look for entries that are mostly the same. This can lead to results that do not correspond to the searched value but have similarities only.