Job Management

    Docusnap provides advanced management options for your jobs in the All Jobs area.

    This lists all jobs with the most important information. If a user does not have permissions to a company, the jobs of that company are not displayed.

    The Delete and Start Job as Soon as Possible buttons allow you to manage the configured tasks. You can abort an active job by clicking the Docusnap-Server-Job-Status-Cancel button. To delete a job from the database, select it and click the Docusnap-Server-Job-Status-Delete button. If several jobs are selected, they can be deleted simultaneously by clicking the Delete button. By clicking the Docusnap-Server-Job-Status-Start-Now button, the selected job will be executed as soon as the Docusnap Server or the DDS can process the job.

    Click on the Summary button to open a dialog showing the results of the job. For the failed and incomplete subtasks, the error messages or justifications are displayed in the Information column. The button is only active if the job has been executed at least once.

    The status of the job can be determined by the used icon. Jobs with the icon Docusnap-Advanced-Job-Management-Scheduled have been scheduled and will start at the next scheduled execution date. The jobs with the icon Docusnap-Advanced-Job-Management-Started are currently executed. The jobs with this icon Docusnap-Advanced-Job-Management-Stopped will no longer be executed. This is the case either if a job is excluded from the scheduling or because the job is not to be executed recurringly and the date of the one-time execution is already in the past.

    The following options can be set by clicking on the Docusnap-Advanced-Job-Management-Options butto for the respective job.

    • Edit Job: When you click the Edit Job button, the scheduled job will be opened in its associated wizard where you can edit it.
    • Exclude from Schedule and Schedule Job Again: A click on the Exclude from Schedule button specifies that the job will no longer be executed. If the job should be included in schedule again, it can be reactivated by clicking the Schedule Job Again button.
    • Job Details: By clicking on the Job Details button, the basic job and configuration data are displayed in a dialog.
    • Job Status: During the execution of the job, the current progress can be checked by clicking on the Job Status button.


    Report Scheduled Jobs

    In addition to the overview in the All Jobs area, a list of all jobs are generated in the Scheduled Jobs report below the Overview - Reports in the Inventory tree. This report lists the most important data for the Jobs.