In Docusnap, you can schedule various jobs and tasks (inventory, documentation, etc.) and have the Docusnap Server execute them automatically at a later time.

    The following tasks can be performed automatically by the Docusnap Server:


    All inventory modules can be executed automatically.

    XML Import

    By executing DocusnapScript.exe you can save the information from a particular system in an XML file. The location for these files can be defined by means of various parameters in the DocusnapScript.exe file. For example, you can use the logon script to define the share to be used for saving these files when DocusnapScript.exe is executed. These files can be automatically retrieved and imported through the automation of this process. For details on this topic, refer to the Importing Scripts section.

    IT Security

    The inventory of NTFS permissions and the creation of the associated documentation can be scheduled.


    Datasheets, overviews and maps can be created automatically in the documentation process.

    IT Concepts

    The server also allows the time-controlled creation of IT concepts.


    The Notification feature sends an e-mail, for example, when a license or contract expires.


    It is possible to schedule the creation of reports and have them created at any desired time. The reports will be exported in the selected format.

    Docusnap Connect

    It is also possible to schedule the export of data to SQL databases, XML files, or CSV files.