Overviews can be created using either the Create Docu wizard or the Overviews wizard.

    After you have selected the domains, you are presented with a choice of overview documents that can be created. Enable the checkbox of every overview type you wish to create.

    The overviews will be stored in the Overview subfolder of the documentation directory under the corresponding company and domain. The Advanced button allows to choose in which format the overviews will be created. The files that are created are based on reports and include the company and the author’s name. The structured Excel document is also based on this report. The filterable Excel document is output as a flat Excel list to which the filters of Excel can be applied. If one of the two Excel options and the creation of the overview for Active Directory users or Active Directory groups is selected, an additional Excel document with a detailed output of the group membership is generated.

    Creating the filterable Excel takes less time and is therefore recommended if the result includes many pages.

    When creating overviews, you can also tick the Print Preparation (MDC) checkbox. It can be used to generate an additional file with the .mdc file extension. This file is required if you want to use the Print Docu wizard to print the documentation.

    In the options dialog you can define which formats are preselected.

    The files will be stored in the Overview folder.
    (\Documentation Path\Company\Domain\Overview)