Company Selection

    A documentation will always be created for the data of a specific company. Therefore, you need to select the company here. The drop-down list lets you select one of the existing companies.

    The documentation path has been specified in the Options - Documentation. The documents will be stored in this path. The Alternative Documentation Path option allows you to select a different path for the current documentation. This path will be used exclusively for the documents created by running this wizard. This setting does not change the documentation path you have set in the Configuration dialog. If you want the documents to be created at a later time by using the Docusnap Server and the documentation path has been changed, make sure that the path exists on the executing system and that the Docusnap Server has the necessary permissions.

    The documentation can be created in English or in German. You can even create a German documentation if the Docusnap user interface has been set to English.

    If desired, you can set the names of the company and of the author to appear on the document. If the Include Author Information in Documentation checkbox is checked, the same or a different company can be selected as the authoring company. After you have selected a company, the table displays the names of all people who were created as contacts in this company. Enabling the checkbox for a contact sets the name of this contact as author in the document.