To use the Docusnap Discovery service at a remote location, this service must be installed on a system locally. The service transmits the inventoried data to a central Docusnap installation.

    The generated installation package contains two files:

    • DocusnapDiscoverySetup.exe
    • RegistrationData.txt

    By executing the file DocusnapDiscoverySetup.exe, the installation process of Discovery Services is started.

    After reading the End User License Agreement, it must be accepted.

    In the step IP Scanner / recommended drivers the NPCAP driver can be installed. This is a prerequisite for the extended IP scan. The NPCAP driver can also be installed manually, the setup can be found under %ProgramFiles%\Docusnap Discovery Service\MSI\npcap-oem.exe

    In the next step, under Installation Path, you can decide where Docusnap Discovery Services should be installed.

    By clicking on the Install button installation starts.