Discovery Service

    The Docusnap Discovery Service is a part of Docusnap which enables inventory processes to be performed automated in a remote location and then transmit the results to a central Docusnap server.

    After successfully establishing a connection from a Docusnap Discovery service to a central Docusnap server the inventory jobs can be managed and triggered from the head office.


    The connection from the Docusnap Discovery Services to the central Docusnap server is via http or https protocol. By using these standard protocols, it is not necessary to make special firewall configurations at the remote site (Outbound). Data and information can be transmitted in encrypted form.

    Data Transport

    The transport of data and information is also carried via the http or https protocol. The results of each job are cached in files on the computer on which the Docusnap Discovery Services are executed and then transmitted to the central Docusnap server.

    Docusnap Discovery Service