Maintain Data Inventory

    You can delete systems, NTFS inventories or IT assets individually within the tree view. To perform a mass deletion of systems, NTFS data or IT assets, the Maintain data inventory dialog can be opened via the Maintain data inventory button (located in All wizards).

    Filter and grouping options facilitate the selection for mass processing.

    For systems selected in the Inventory tab, all inventory data is deleted, including the NTFS data.

    Docusnap Maintain Data Inventory

    In the NTFS Data tab, systems can be selected for which only the NTFS inventory data should be deleted.

    Docusnap Maintain Data Inventory NTFS

    The IT Assets tab allows you to remove manually created entries.

    Docusnap Maintain Data Inventory Assets

    The License Information dialog (via button Docusnap Button Help) shows a detailed list of the systems subject to licensing. The Delete Systems option opens the dialog to maintain the database by deleting systems that are no longer required. This process supports efficient license usage and allows new systems to be added.