Customizing the Tree Structure for User

    The user has the option of reducing the tree structure to the parts that are essential for him by permanently hiding nodes that are not required. These settings are valid for the entire application. It is not possible to hide nodes only for certain domains or companies.

    Docusnap has several tree structures to optimally display the data for the respective use case (inventory, documentation, IT security, license management). If, for example, the inventory tree is displayed for the selection of data in the documentation creation (IT concept, diagrams, etc.), objects that were previously hidden in this tree are also no longer offered in this view.

    If, for example, the Amazon Web Services module is not used, it can be deactivated easily via the Hide meta objects context menu.

    All hidden objects can be shown again via the button Show all meta objects again. Please note that the settings are only reset for the logged-in user.

    To hide an object, the parent object must be selected, in the example the domain.

    Docusnap hide meta objects context menu

    In the subsequent dialog, the objects that should no longer be displayed can be selected at domain level. The objects can be shown again if they are deselected in this dialog.

    Docusnap hide meta objects dialog

    As a result, the nodes Linux, Mac, Azure and Amazon Web Services are no longer displayed in the tree.

    Docusnap hide meta objects tree

    Hide lower-level detail data

    It is also possible to hide unnecessary sub-nodes without hiding the main node itself.

    In this case, the parent node Snapshots is selected…

    Docusnap hide meta objects context menu snapshots

    … and then the details are defined which are no longer relevant in the infrastructure.

    Docusnap hide meta objects dialog snapshots

    After this customization, only the data relevant to this user for objects of the workstation type will be displayed in the tree.

    Docusnap hide meta objects tree snapshots

    Listing the Settings

    The Hidden Object Types - All Users report lists the settings set for each user with the corresponding objects from the meta-schema.

    Docusnap hide meta objects report