Data Organization and Analysis

    The Data Organization and Analysis section covers Docusnap features that enable you to analyze and organize the collected data.

    Comparing Data

    Using the Compare Data function, you can compare the data resulting from two scans (snapshots) to find the differences.

    Managing Snapshots

    Using the Manage Snapshots feature, you can delete individual snapshots or flag them as undeletable.

    System Groups

    Using the Docusnap System Groups feature, you can group systems logically and create network maps for partial networks based on particular system groups.

    ADDS Synchronization

    Using the Active Directory Synchronization feature, you can make sure that the Docusnap database does not contain any Windows systems that no longer exist in the Active Directory.

    Database Import

    Using the Database Import feature, you can import Docusnap databases into other Docusnap databases.

    Database Export

    Using the Database Export feature, you can export the content of the current Docusnap database into another Docusnap database.

    Moving Systems

    Using the Docusnap Move feature, you can move systems from one domain to another.

    Merging Systems

    In Docusnap, you can merge the data resulting from the inventory of different systems into one single system.

    Maintain data inventory

    The Maintain Data Inventory dialog, systems, NTFS inventories and IT assets can be deleted from the database at the same time.