To save a concept, click the Save button. This opens a submenu where you can decide whether to simply save the concept, to save it as a new version, or to save it as a template. When you select As New Version, the current state of the concept will be saved as a separate version. Versions are displayed together with their save date below the concept node in the Docusnap tree view. You can also enter an additional description. This description is displayed behind the version.

    For each concept, you may create up to ten different versions. When this number is reached and you save a new version, the oldest version will be deleted. The number of versions can be changed in the Options - Documents dialog. To exclude a version from deletion, you can click the Keep button and set this version as not to be deleted. A version flagged as to be kept will be excluded from the count of ten versions that can be stored.


    By clicking the Restore button the selected version can be restored. Thus, the current concept is replaced and the selected version can be edited. The restored version will remain.