Styles are used to achieve centralized formatting of text.

    The Headline 1 through Headline 4 styles are used for headings. In addition, they are taken into account when creating the [Table of contents]( “Table of contents”) and for the entries in the [Document Outline]( “Document Outline”) window.

    The context menu for each style in the Styles group allows you to modify the formatting. Click the Modify option to open the Change Style dialog. In this dialog, you can adjust the formatting for the selected style.


    Changes to a style are applied to all texts to which this style has been assigned.

    However, if, for example, the font of a paragraph is changed and then the font is changed in the respective style, the font is only adjusted if the Apply Formatting to all Paragraphs check box is selected. If the check box is unchecked, only those formatting changes that have not already been adjusted manually are applied.