A Composition is a document created from multiple concepts. Through compositions, concepts can be used multiple times, or larger concepts can be split up for easier editing. If the concepts of the composition are changed, the composition document also changes.

    If the node Concepts or a concept folder in the tree has been selected, the button Add Composition can be used to open dialog to create the composition.

    The composition requires a name. As the author, the current user is entered. If desired, author can be changed afterwards.

    The left panel lists all the concepts of the current company. These can be added to a composition. In the right box all added concepts are listed. Use the arrows above to change the order of the concepts.

    The Section Break combobox determines whether the selected concept should start on a new page or be added on the next line after the end of the previous concept.

    For the Header & Footer you can define whether no header / footer, the header / footer of the previous concept or the header / footer of the selected concept should be used.


    Using the Docusnap-Export-Icon button, you can export your concept to Word, PDF, or other formats.

    The export of compositions can also be scheduled like the export of the concepts.