Import and Export

    Once created frameworks can be exported and imported into other Docusnap installations. Only the structure is exported, which contains the views, the levels and the structural elements. The added elements and groups are not exported. The buttons for import and export are displayed in the action bar as soon as the heading IT Documentation or one of the nodes below it is selected.


    Import Framework

    Clicking the Import Structure button opens the import dialog. For the import, the company must be selected into which the framework should be imported. In the Path field, select the file into which the framework was exported. Then select which frameworks you want to import. Click on the Import button to import the desired frameworks.


    Export Framework

    Clicking the Export Structure button opens the export dialog. When exporting, you must select from which company the frameworks are to be exported. Use the Path field to choose where the file should be stored. Once the desired frameworks have been selected, they can be exported by clicking the Export button.