Business Structures

    Information technology is used throughout every company to support business processes. There are virtually no business activities which are not supported by IT. To detect business threats and risks as quickly and early as possible, every company needs IT documentation which is capable of presenting the connections between business processes and IT in a clear and transparent way. This makes it possible to answer questions such as which business processes depend on which software, hardware or network connection, or which processes are trivial or vital for the company. Docusnap enables users to completely map out the interrelations between organizational units and the associated processes, right up to the physical location. This helps them to understand at any stage which concrete effects IT changes or failures have on business processes. Docusnap’s business integration allows for the connections and dependencies between business processes, IT services and the required IT systems to be presented in a clear and transparent way. Users can therefore quickly and easily analyze business-critical risks and weaknesses which go unnoticed in efforts to support business processes, and specifically counteract them.

    Docusnap offers complete freedom when it comes to graphical representations. For example, on a technical level, processes, organizational units and business services can be captured, whereas from an IT point of view there is the option of representing IT services, the infrastructure as well as facility components. It is possible to expand and add to any definitions.

    Docusnap provides the framework for capturing and visualizing various elements, which gives the option of introducing new levels and defining groups (e.g. for clusters). Additional attributes such as SLAs, recovery times, priority etc. can be added to any element.