Options Configuration File

    Settings you define in the Options dialog will be stored in a configuration file located on the computer where Docusnap is running. If multiple employees want to use the same settings when working in Docusnap, it is possible to start the program using a shared configuration file.

    You can either directly append the corresponding parameter to the Docusnap.exe file or define it when starting Docusnap from the command line. The parameters are case-sensitive, i.e. they must be entered exactly as shown here: -SelectConfig and -UseConfig.

    Configuration File

    When installing Docusnap the file DocusnapSettings.xml is created in the directory “C:\ProgramData\Docusnap”. In this file the tag specifies the path where the desired configuration file is saved. When updating Docusnap this file is not changed, as a result Docusnap always uses the defined configuration file. If no path is specified in this file the default configuration file is used.




    When you use the -SelectConfig parameter, a dialog appears before the Docusnap startup which allows you to select the path to the configuration file. Then, Docusnap will be started using the settings from the selected configuration file.


    If in addition a path to a folder is specified, this folder is opened by default when selecting the configuration file.

    -SelectConfig "C:\ProgramData\Docusnap"


    The -UseConfig parameter allows you to specify a particular configuration file to be used each time Docusnap is started. When using this parameter, you specify the path to the configuration file.