To each additional information, you can add attachments. Below the data entry screen all currently assigned attachments are listed.

    Adding Attachments

    There are two ways to add attachments.

    • Click the New button to open the dialog Add Attachment. When you click the Docusnap-open-path button, a dialog opens where you can select the desired file. After you have selected the desired file, the Title text box will automatically be populated with the file name. Optionally, you can enter a description of this attachment. To save the attachment data (file, title, description) in the database, click the Save button.

    • You can also use drag & drop to add files to the attachments. Simply drag the desired file into the list of attachments and drop it there. If you use drag & drop to add a directory or multiple files to the table, all files, or the files in the directory, will be added simultaneously. The attachments added by drag & drop will immediately be stored in the database. For each added file, its file name will be used as title. You can change it and then apply your change by clicking the Save button.

    Opening Attachments

    To open an attachment in an application, first select the file. Then click the Read File button to open the file with the program that is set as the default program for that file type on your system.

    Editing Attachments

    Attachments can be edited at any time. To edit the file, you must select it. Then, click the Check Out button. The file will be stored in the check out path. Checking out a file prevents the file from being edited by multiple users at the same time, which would introduce inconsistencies. To make the checked-out file available to other users again, release it by clicking the Check In button. Checking in the modified file saves it back to the database.