2023-12-14 - 13.0.383.23348

    • SNMP discovery: additional programs - Telnet/SSH support for all SNMP types

    • Inventory
      • Microsoft 365 Teams: Channel information now includes members and role assignments
      • DFS: Checked if there were permission issues when capturing SMB permissions of folder targets
      • DFS: Improved consolidation of individual DFS results into a domain-wide view
      • SNMP: Improved validity check for IPv4 addresses in the assistant
    • Documentation
      • Physics: Improved representation of racks in site plans
      • IT Concept: New handling of very large data elements improves stability

    • Inventory
      • All Modules: Snapshot entries with the same date are no longer created
      • Autonomous Inventory Modules: Standardized parameters such as the help call
      • DFS: Improved automatic detection of DFS servers and fixed known inventory issues
      • Microsoft Exchange: Fixed inventory issues
      • Veeam Backup & Replication: Fixed inventory problems in the assistant
      • NTFS Analysis: Partially incorrect display of folder sizes corrected
    • Documentation
      • IT Concept: Fixed issue where data elements were sporadically not displayed
      • IT Concept: Solved problems that occurred occasionally during loading and saving
      • Physics: Fixed recognized performance issues and errors in the cabling plan

    2023-11-22 - 13.0.307.23331

    • Autonomous Inventory Module for Distributed File System (DFS)
    • Docusnap Connect: Automated email dispatch of reports in CSV, Excel, and XML formats.
    • Veeam Backup & Replication: Report on executed restore jobs.
    • Linux Inventory: Expanded capture of certificates and their properties.

    • Autonomous Inventory Modules: Standardization with names like “Discovery-(Module).exe” and consistent parameters for archiving, execution, and logging, such as “Discovery-Windows.exe”.
    • Distributed File System (DFS) Inventory: Complete capture of all DFS namespace variants, including DFS replication groups and detailed information on configuration, topology, and connections.
    • Veeam Backup & Replication Inventory: Cross-platform capture of configurations, backup and tape library infrastructures, virtualization platforms with their virtual machines, backup jobs, and their execution status.
    • Usability Improvements: Option to hide non-essential objects in the Docusnap tree view.

    • Active Directory Domain Service: New “All Memberships” overview for comprehensive representation of direct and indirect memberships of user, group, and computer accounts.
    • DFS Permissions Analysis: Optimization of NTFS analysis for DFS deployments, including detailed reporting.