Release Notes - 2024-03-20

    New Features and Improvements in Docusnap 13

    Unified Autonomous Discovery Modules

    Our Discovery Modules now serve as a fully capable alternative to assistant-led data capture, increasingly important due to evolving security requirements. Previously, inconsistencies in behavior and operation made them challenging to use We’ve standardized runtime behavior, parameter settings, and support functions.

    Microsoft 365 - Entra ID

    Assuming the presence of an Entra ID P1 license, we now track the last login event of Entra users, going back as far as April 2020.

    Backup Analysis

    New reports capture the backup status of Windows, Linux, and Mac systems, focusing on the backup solutions we support.

    Windows Security

    The new “Services with Local Users and AD Accounts” report provides a comprehensive overview of deviations from standard practices in using service accounts, aiding in the identification of potential issues like password changes or account deactivations.

    IT Security

    The “Report Jobs (csv)” feature has been enhanced to now include the selection of DFS folder targets for the automatic generation and optional emailing of directory reports.

    Docusnap Server

    The Docusnap Server status dialog has been redesigned, offering detailed insights into server and database configurations as well as the current operating status.