Reporting System

    The Docusnap database stores information that has either been collected by the network inventory scan or manually entered by the user.

    Docusnap provides reports for evaluating and printing this information. For example, you can create a report that contains information about a single system or an overview of a domain. The reports can be exported to documents in various formats (e.g. docx, pdf, html, odt), printed or sent by e-mail.

    Reports can be executed from various levels in the tree view. Docusnap provides predefined reports which process existing data from the database.

    You can select a global report format. These format settings will be used for all companies. You can customize the company logos, colors and fonts for the reports so that they reflect the corporate identity. Report formatting can be customized even further at the company level.

    What is more, you can edit existing reports and create new ones.