As a simple example for extending meta objects, we will demonstrate how to create the additional SLA object. To execute this example, first create the SLA table. For creating additional tables, refer to the Example subsection of the Database Structures section.

    In the first step, create the SLA caption. Create a new object below the Account object in the Inventory explorer by clicking the New button. Assign the Caption category to this object. Enter SLA as the Object Name. The English text and the German text can be chosen freely. In this example, the namespace specified is SlaCust.

    Docusnap Tools Manage Metaobjects Caption example

    Save the caption and then create an additional object below it. This object will be linked with the xtSLA table. Select the Data category for this object and enter SLA_Data in the Object Name field. In the Table dropdown list, select the xtSLA table. The namespace SlaCust is also specified for this node.

    Enable the Editable checkbox so that it will be possible to enter data through the user interface. For information on how to create the data entry screen, refer to the Example subsection of the Data Entry Screens section. Save the object by clicking the Save button.

    Docusnap Tools Manage Metaobjects Data Example