Meta objects of the Diagram type are used to show the structures and Active Directory group policies as separate nodes in the tree view


    For Active Directory users and Active Directory groups, an additional tab is used to show the structures. This tab shows group nesting as well as user nesting information.

    Using this information, you can find out the following:

    • Which group or groups is the user x a member of?
    • Which members make up the group y?

    The Diagram-type meta object is used to show the structure as a separate node below the Active Directory user and Active Directory groups.

    Group Policies

    In Docusnap, you can retrieve group policies and assign them to the corresponding organizational units, sites and domains. When you create a meta object of the Diagram type and the GPO diagram type, Docusnap creates a group policy node that is displayed below the group policy information. As the table for the parent node, select one that uses the GPOSettingsID field of the tADSGPOSettings table as the primary key.


    The diagram type Visualization is an object that can only be used by the vendor to create maps dynamically and display them in the main window.