In the Docusnap Users tab, you can assign different roles that have been previously created, to individual domain users or domain groups.

    If no users or groups have been defined, any user who connects to this database may use all of the controls and the entire Docusnap functionality. Once the first user or group has been created, the User Management feature will be enabled.

    The left pane lists the users or groups to whom roles can be assigned. Make sure to specify the user names in the following format: domain\username. To define a group, enter its name as follows domain\groupname. The right pane lists the individual roles that can be assigned to the users or groups. To assign a role to a user or a group, select the desired entry in the left pane and tick the desired checkbox in the right pane. Please note that role assignments are additive. This means that the controls enabled for the individual roles add to each other.

    When creating users or groups, make sure to assign at least one user or group a role that has permission to open the user management, otherwise the User Management will no longer be accessible.

    Docusnap Web

    If Basic Authentication or Integrated Windows Authentication is defined for Docusnap Web as the authentication scheme, the Allow access to Docusnap Web check box must be enabled for each user, who wants to connect to Docusnap Web. For the Basic Authentication a password must be stored additionally.

    Once a user or group is created in the user management, Basic Authentication or Integrated Windows Authentication must be selected for Docusnap Web. Anonymous Authentication can only be used if user management is not active.

    If an AD group is used for user management, the members of this group are saved in the Docusnap database and then these users can log in to the Docusnap Web. If the members of the group change, the list must be updated by clicking the Update Group Members from Active Directory for Docusnap Web button. The update can take up to 10 minutes.

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