SNMP Types

    When performing an SNMP inventory scan, Docusnap looks for the available SNMP devices. However, no information is returned on the type of the identified device, for example, whether it is a switch, a router or a printer. In the SNMP Types tab, you can define keywords that will be compared with the identified SNMP equipment. Then, Docusnap is able to indicate the correct type in the tree view and reports. The value that will be used for comparison with the keyword is specified in the Description column of scanned devices.

    The SNMP Types tab lists predefined keywords that are often used for SNMP devices. Click the New button to add a new keyword for SNMP types. Enclose the keyword in percentage symbols (%). These symbols are placeholders; they replace the remaining words in the description. The keyword you enter must exist in the description of the SNMP device. Otherwise, the correct type will not be found.

    Docusnap Management Inventory SNMP Types