When you create a software product from the License Management module, you have to assign it to a metric. Docusnap provides predefined metrics. In the Metrics tab, you can edit the existing metrics or create new ones.

    The metrics can be named both in English and German. The name itself may be chosen freely.

    The assignment of a metric determines the basic settings, such as the type of licensing, for the product. The metric you select here determines whether it will be possible to use keywords and create system assignments or user assignments in later wizard steps. The selected assignment determines whether the licenses in this metric will be assigned to devices, processors, processor cores, users, or not at all.

    If you prefer not to use a keyword-based assignment, tick the No Detection of Use checkbox.

    The word Manual in the names of the predefined matrics indicates that no keyword-based search will be used. Rather, the licenses in use need to be entered manually.

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