Organization of a Docusnap Installation

    Docusnap is a multi-user software that requires a certain network directory structure in order to function properly. As part of the default Docusnap installation process, the directories will be created in the program directory.

    Please note the following: All these directories have been defined by the software manufacturer and the corresponding files are provided automatically during the Docusnap installation or update process. Under no circumstances change these directories, since otherwise, the proper execution of Docusnap cannot be guaranteed.

    As part of the initial Docusnap configuration, each user must specify a local settings folder. Once you have specified this folder, Docusnap creates the necessary directories.

    If you also specify a team settings folder, the same directories will be created in that folder as well.

    In the event that custom modifications have been made, the definition files will always be saved in the team settings folder, or, if it is not available, in the local settings folder. Docusnap will never create custom definition files within the program directory.

    When Docusnap starts, it first checks if a team settings folder is available. If so, the definition files from that folder will be used. If a team settings folder has not been specified or the network path cannot be reached, the local settings folder will be used. If that folder is not available either, the predefined settings from the program directory will be used.

    If you save user-defined settings to a file, the letter “u” will always be appended to the last letter of the file extension. For example, definition files for custom data entry screens always have a .deu file extension.