In order to simplify working with and understanding the database, certain standards have been used in configuring the database. When extending the database, we recommend to continue using these standards.

    All names of the database elements are in English. For all tables, an auto-incrementing primary key has been defined. The name of the primary key column is always the same as the table name (without the prefix) and has an “ID” suffix. Thus, the primary key column in the tHosts table is called HostID.

    If a foreign key is specified, its name is identical with the name of the primary key column of the linked table. For the tHosts table, e.g., a foreign key was defined that links it to the domains in the tDomains table. Thus, DomainID was specified in the Foreign Key field.

    All table names in the Docusnap database begin with a lowercase “t” as an abbreviation for “table”. All tables whose name begins with tSys do not contain user-definable content. They hold system definitions for Docusnap.

    If you create new fields or tables using the Customizing module, they will be identified by an “x” prefix. Thus, you would name a table for mobile phones as “xtMobilePhones”, for example. The columns in this table would be identified by a leading “x” (such as xMobilephone). This convention avoids conflicts with system-defined names.