User/Groups Selection

    With the type User/Groups Selection users or groups from the ADS inventory can be assigned. When creating a new entry the name of wanted user or group can be entered. Once the first letter is typed, the matching entries are suggested. Users and groups can be added via enter key or selection via the mouse from the suggestion list. Click the Docusnap-open-path button to open the dialog for the advanced search. In this dialog the selection of users and groups can be filtered by several conditions. Afterwards the selected user or group can be assigned to the created object. If the data entry screen is linked to a Windows system or belongs to a node below a Windows system, the local users and groups are also made available. You find further information on the filter in the User Manual in the chapter Permission Analysis.

    Specific Properties of Attachments
    FieldnameSpecifies the linked column in the respective table of the current Docusnap database. The meta object linked with the data entry screen determines which table will be used. For an User/Groups Selection control, the corresponding target column in the database must always be of the String data type, so the SID of the user or group can be stored. When adding the field in the Manage Tables tab, the type SID can be selected. This creates the field as a string in the database and resolves the selected value to the respective user or group when displayed.